Nicecream Copenhagens scoops are based on the fruits of this amazing plant - The coconut tree. With a high content of potent and nutritious fats, it's a staple for 70% of Earths inhabitants! The milk from the coconut is a 

delicious and creamy substitute for cow's milk,

making it perfect for our Nicecream scoops. 

The scoops are sweetened with organic cane sugar & our flavors combinations are made with the best possible ingredients. No fake stuff, only delicious products to produce the best flavor & texture for the best possible experience! 

Try it, you wont regret it! 


Our signature flavors

Our Scoop flavors vary from week to week, and from store to store. Stop by our stores to see the selection,

see our monthly flavors and check out our topping bar! 

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