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GET your own nicecream store

Nicecream is looking for independent business people interested in owning and running their own Nicecream ice cream store.

Do you have a shop with a nice location, or are you interested in taking over one of our Nicecream stores?


We want to focus on spreading awareness of our brand, develop innovative vegan organic ice cream, and produce ice cream at a price that allows our resellers a good margin. We are converting our existing stores into stores owned and run by independent resellers, and we are adding resellers across Denmark.


If you take over an existing store we will let you buy all inventory and hand over the keys to a ready to run store with a loyal customer base.

If you have a new location we help you decide on the right inventory and design.


You focus on running your own store, we deliver the rights for you to use the Nicecream brand, marketing material, Nicecream signage, and we produce and deliver vegan organic ice cream at a price that allows for a good margin.

You need knowledge on how to run a retail store, but don't worry about ice cream production. We deliver delicious vegan ice cream to your store door step several times a week.

You need the financials to buy one of our existing stores and inventory, or to invest in a new store.

Below you can see our existing stores - for the right person/business we are willing to sell any of our stores. Or if you have a new location, we are ready to discuss how you can become an independent Nicecream reseller.


Interested in learning more? Please reach out to Rasmus Madsen at: tel. 27291700


Falkoner alle 44

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