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The story of Nicecream

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The idea of Nicecream Copenhagen popped up in the heads of these two Icelandic  guys living in Copenhagen back in 2014. David and Fannar saw a need for more delicious vegan options in the city and threw themselves into figuring out

how to sell juice popsicles on a bicycle. 

In search of a kitchen to produce the Nicecream pops they ended up with a tiny store location at Elmegade 30 and shortly thereafter the small storefront was changed into a production and an ice cream shop, selling out almost every day!

Elmegade is still to this day our busiest shop, even though it is the smallest location - and we LOVE IT 

Since opening the shop in 2015 we have opened 4 additional Nicecream shops and have become popular at festivals & events all while filling up Denmark's supermarkets with Nicecream cups.

Team Nicecream has been BUSY!

The focus was back then, and will always be to produce the best tasting

ice cream using plant based quality organic ingredients!

And we are in no way slowing down

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